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Shift Comic Anthology Yearbook 2022

Shift Comic Anthology Yearbook 2022

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128 pages - featuring all new stories by the best indie creators in the UK and beyond! Available in standard Clint Langley cover, or variant limited edition Barry Kitson cover!

An all new To The Death story, The End of the Beginning, as created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior! 

Simon Furman and Barry Kitson back together after 30+ years! The team that brought you the stunning episodes of Dinobot Hunt and Second Generation in Marvel UK's Transformers create an all-new story, Bring the Rayne

A new sci-fi thriller The Key by Christopher Frank and Andrew Sawyers.

The film noir-esque I Stole This Thing by Scott Morse.

Virtual reality, mind-bending sci-fi Another Time and Place by Hal Laren.

The Star-Drake of Dumnonia by Alan Langford (The Secret of the Aesir).

Black Train by Dave Clarke and Ian Stopforth. This mind-bending tale – as told in beautiful, fully painted art – interprets the story from the epic song of the same name by the prog rock band The Mighty Bard.

Secret History, a beautiful one-shot by Lyndon Webb (Perfect Shot, SHIFT issue #8 ) and Lee Milner (SHIFT #8 cover artist).

The Hypersonic Subatomic Super Sci-fi Symphony by Chris Geary (Kora, Aces Weekly).

A Wakefield Winters Tale, featuring Victorian war robot Chuffin Billy, Hero of the Martian War. Written by Noel K Hannan and illustrated by John Welding.

Technofreak as written by Mike Carey (Lucifer, Hellblazer, X-Men), created by John Charles (2000 AD) and brought to life by artist Tom Newell.

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