The Cancel Haus is an exciting new graphic novel series, a dark thriller with a humorous slant. It is unlike any other comic on the market, with a unique style veering between highbrow literature and lowbrow vernacular: the sacred juxtaposed with the profane.

Set over fifteen full colour issues this beautifully illustrated comic masterpiece is the life’s work of just one man: a talented, deep-thinking artist who dares to buck the trend and take a vital stand for freedom of speech, against the encroaching age of political correctness and cancel culture. He believes that the job of an artist is to help another to think for themselves, and may therefore be part of an individual’s spiritual journey.

The intricate and twisting storyline features a cast of 78 fascinating characters, plus a plethora of diverse and enthralling themes that range from electro-magnetism to mind control and occult symbology to social engineering via secret history.