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Welcome to Get My Comics – the exciting new comics subscription service.

We’ve been comic collectors for years, and have been building this system over the last couple of years, with full beta testing from other avid collectors who have tried out our crazy ideas whilst we’ve developed and built on the standard concepts of the way to subscribe to standard monthly comics.

Whether you are an avid follower of a couple of titles, or 50… if you love variant covers, or hate them… if you ever wondered how the hell you’re supposed to get all the parts in a crossover story when you only pick up one title from it… this site is for you.


Simply register an account and choose the titles you want to subscribe to, and never miss an issue of your favourite comics. You can browse through pre release titles, manage your subscriptions, cover preferences (standard, variants, all!), track your favourite creators and even subscribe to crossovers.
Each month, we get in a list of shipping titles for two months’ time – our pre orders. We’ll automatically pull the issues into your basket and make a few suggestions of other titles you may enjoy. You’ll have till near the end of the month to add to that list, choose any covers, etc. before the order has to be placed.
Your dashboard will show you all your future orders, let you view past orders, and give you suggestions of other titles that you may be interested in.
View our FAQ o find out more, and we're on often hand on our live chat to answer any questions or use our contact form.

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