About Us

We’ve been comic collectors for years and have been building this system over the last couple of years, with the assistance of some loyal standing order subscription customers who have tried out our crazy ideas whilst we’ve developed and built on the standard concepts of the way to subscribe to standard monthly comics.

Whether you are an avid follower of a couple of titles, or 50… if you love variant covers, or hate them… if you ever wondered how the hell you’re supposed to get all the parts in a crossover story when you only pick up one title from it… this site is for you.

The comic industry is whacky. It’s difficult to cater accurately for customers – a shop has to put it’s order in with a (the ONE) supplier TWO months in advance, and the quantity of copies to be printed are built from that information… if you don’t get your order in quickly, and you’re picking up “off the shelves” – be it a part of a crossover story you didn’t realise one of your standard subs was part of, or something you hear is hot, after the fact – then you struggle to find those books, usually at inflated prices.

We’re here to help you with that – when we get the details in of the comics due out in two months, they’re loaded into our system, and we do a lot of work on that data to help you – we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to browse around… it’s as close to looking around the shelves in the (sadly dwindling) physical comic shops (and if you are lucky enough to have a local, you should support them!) – you’ll be able to browse around by section (we have comics, graphic novels, magazines all available for pre-ordering, and the range is constantly growing) – by publisher, and searching if you know what you’re after.

Comics are where our strength is, and we provide you everything we can (subject to publisher changes) about each issue – the creative team, and overview of the issue, if it’s an adult title, a mini series or one shot, or part of a crossover.

Using our system will give you all the information to find stuff you’ll interested in before it’s flown off the shelves, stop you missing those parts of crossovers, and get alerts whenever your favourite creators release a new comic!

We pride ourselves in the information we give, the approachability of our team (we have an online chat facility, email and Facebook) and love to talk to you. Our packaging is exemplary, and goods should reach you in tip top condition – all comics are bagged and boarded at no additional charge, and pre-order shipping is free.