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V2A - Wasteland Chronicles : Doomsday #1

V2A - Wasteland Chronicles : Doomsday #1

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This is the first Graphic Novel in the V2A Wasteland Chronicles series.
A 52 page full colour High Octane Adrenaline Blaster of a story set in the heart of the savage post-apocalyptic Wasteland.

All law and order in the world ended in an act of complete chaos.

Those that survived, true to their human natures, fought over what was left.

In the territory known to all as The Wastelands, V2A are seen as a nuisance to those trying to stamp their authority on what is left of the world.

Reluctantly hired by these would be Leaders of the New World, V2A are sent out to do those things that look too dangerous, or unsavoury, for their own followers. Scavenging and retrieving is something that V2A have proven to be very effective at.

Creative Team
DRONE - Story Creator / Writer
DAVE WEST - Story Creator / Writer
PJ Holden - Lead Artist - Legendary 2000ad artist 
Matt Soffe - Colourist - Legendary 2000ad Colourist
Gustavo Vargas - Artist - Legendary Peruvian Artist (Kickstarter's PUNO)
Ryan Brown - Cover Artist - Legendary Marvel / DC / 2000ad / Dark Horse Cover Artist
Vlad McNeally - Cover Artist - Legendary V2A CD artist
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