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Sentinel #10

Sentinel #10

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The city of Newtopia, Earth, the near future. Sure, we got flying cars, but Newtopia is not a good place to live. It's dark, damp and populated by low lifes in low places. There's also aliens. Yeah, those off planet weirdos stayed behind after their race gave the humans a technology boost. All the good ones left, but the ones who like to play with humans' lives stayed to offer us random "upgrades" for a lot of money. It certainly makes Newtopia more interesting, not knowing if the rando you're jacking might have a pyrokenesis habit he's just about to fry you with. Anyone with any sense would get out, and that's what Nick and Connie are trying to do. They have one rainy night to stay ahead of their pursuers and make the score of their lives, but when you run in Newtopia, there's always something happy to trip you up...

NEWTOPIA - A complete, 64 page Sci Fi Noir story.

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