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Rotten Under The Snow

Rotten Under The Snow

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Leningrad is frozen, under siege, and haunted...

A city turned battlefield becomes stranger.

Bizarrely mutilated bodies are found in the muddy snow of Leningrad. To solve the mystery and stop an oncoming horror, a traumatised Soviet pilot with a terrible connection to what’s happening must cross enemy land- and fight what is rotting inside herself...

Rotten Under The Snow is a a historical sci-fi thriller with a dose of horror, and a good dose of pulp adventure thrown in. It follows female Russian fighter pilot Dajana, a former Night Witch, as she fights Nazi off-world technology and regains her humanity along the way. It’s that combination of action and personality that makes this story unique and perfect for all adult and young-adult audiences, and the sort of traditional genre mash-up that Time Bomb Comics has become known for.

The presentation of the book will be oversized at A4 - that's closer in format to British comic annuals of the past rather than the size of traditional graphic novel that you might be familiar with.

Pre-order - Due April 20th

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