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Pilgrim #2

Pilgrim #2

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Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies is a bold all-new four-issue mini-series which digs deep into the millennia old strata of our planet and unearths something… completely unknown. Dormant since long before the dinosaurs, it’s incomprehensible, ancient – and alien.

Pilgrim: Secrets and Lies #2 by John Freeman and Neil Edwards

Cover by Alex Ronald

In 2121, an alien presence has awoken in the Antarctic, its secrets potentially spelling the end of all human life – or transforming it into something new, but not without cost.

A crack team of Alliance commandos, side by side with the psychic Lily Winters, a woman with her own agenda when it comes to this extra-terrestrial threat, discover far more than they expected when their mission goes dangerously wrong…

Colour, 24pgs, £4.95

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