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International Aces Volume Two

International Aces Volume Two

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International Aces is a series of graphic novels capturing the true stories of World War One top-scoring fighter pilots, who came from across the world to fight in skies over war-torn Europe. 

Action and history unfold in dramatic, black-and-white graphic style, capturing the mayhem of the dogfights alongside the reality of life on the ground.  Based on actual events, these stories are an astonishing read and a fitting tribute to courage, audacity and sacrifice.

Volume two feature a flamboyant Italian ace, the grandiose French ace and the pragmatic Belgian ace

  • Maggiore Francesco Baracca, the cavalier of the skies, son of wealthy parents spent his time hunting and going to the opera before being drawn into the little known theatre of war between Italy and the Austro-Hungarians.  His emblem, a prancing black horse, endures as the logo in a famous brand of automobiles today   
  • I put my bullets into my target as if I placed them there by hand , the words of Rene Fonck the most successful allied ace of WW1.  His stiff demeanour and arrogance were matched by a ruthless and competitive attitude to air combat.
  • Willy Coppens the daredevil Belgian who specialised in destroying observation balloons and survived the war against the odds.
  • Looking back at this First World War History, it is easy to forget that ordinary people, living 100 years ago, were very similar to ourselves. Young and old, timid and adventurous, growing up at home, or living abroad, they were all swept up in the extreme challenges of a world conflict and, in doing so, they lived extra-ordinary lives

Written and drawn by Chris Geary, independently published by, these stories have been brought to life in a visually stylish, black-and-white, drama-documentary style.
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