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International Aces Volume One

International Aces Volume One

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International Aces is a series of graphic novels capturing the true stories of World War One top-scoring fighter pilots, who came from across the world to fight in skies over war-torn Europe. 

Action and history unfold in dramatic, black-and-white graphic style, capturing the mayhem of the dogfights alongside the reality of life on the ground.  Based on actual events, these stories are an astonishing read and a fitting tribute to courage, audacity and sacrifice.

Volume 1 introduces the Indian, Irish and controversial English aces:

  • Indra Lal Laddie Roy, a young Indian from Calcutta, emerged from St Pauls school to overcome numerous obstacles in his successful, if lamentably brief, fight for England.  
  • Captain McElroy, the affable Irishman who suffered horribly from a mustard gas attack but went on to claim 47 kills through his increasingly reckless combat style.
  • Major Mick Mannock, a complicated individual went from accusations of cowardice to achieving 61 victories and being one of the recognized aviation tacticians in history.  
  • Ordinary young men, brave, scared, timid and adventurous, they were swept up in the pioneering technology of early aviation. In facing the extreme challenges of a horrible, never to be forgotten, world conflict, they faced their greatest triumphs, their greatest fears and experienced extra-ordinary lives.

Written and drawn by Chris Geary, independently published by, these stories have been brought to life in a visually stylish, black-and-white, drama-documentary style.
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