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Hex Loader

Hex Loader

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England, 1986, and reclusive games programmer Declan Miller completes his life's work – the use of hexadecimal computer code to cast spells. Then he vanishes.

One year later, Declan's old school friend David, now working at a low budget software company churning out cheap games, receives a mysterious cassette in the mail apparently from the missing and now infamous coding genius.

Cracking the code recorded on the tape leaves David suffering from surreal hallucinations, which quickly turn all-too-real and potentially deadly. Luckily, David is protected by Combat Wombat, the unexpected manifestation of a character from his very first computer game.

Following Declan’s trail leads David to a remote farmhouse where he meets Jig, a practising magician and leader of an artpunk commune in London. Now David is caught up in a race against time to protect Britain from the machinations of a yuppie sorcerer who seeks to control and sell the very concept of creativity and magic. Can he help Jig and her friends to stop Declan’s spell running out of control before it’s too late?

"The logical and necessary collision between Hellblazer and Jet Set Willy" - Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + Divine, DIE, Once and Future)

“The greatest Vertigo comic never published” – Tim Pilcher, Assistant Editor, Vertigo Comics

“Bloody brilliant! Pacey and well plotted!" - Leah Moore (2000AD, Morrison Hotel, A Conspiracy of Ravens)

Pre-order - Due May 25th

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