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Hedrek #1 - Night of the Mummers

Hedrek #1 - Night of the Mummers

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Colombo meets the Wicker-Man in this tense British folk horror.

Small town cop DCI Hedrek Stern is one of the good guys... A dedicated and honest detective who's had to work his way up the ranks on his own merit. 
He's become a bit of an outsider over the years due to his uncompromising attitude to the law and to procedure, leaving to stone un-turned in his mission to find the truth in any investigation.

But now he faces something his long career in law enforcement has not prepared him for as a string of gruesome mummer related murders pull him into a web of political intrigue and macabre occurrences that threaten not only his career but his very life.

Will he survive the Night of the Mummers??
36 pages, Deluxe soft touch cover. Colour Cover with Greytone interiors
Writer: Laurence Alison
Artist David Hitchcock
Letters & Design: Robin Jones
Cover Art:
    (A) David Hotchcock
    (B) Neil McClemments
Editor: Shane Chebsey
Publisher: Scratch Comics
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