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Dracula The Return: Cult of the White Worm #1

Dracula The Return: Cult of the White Worm #1

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RELEASE DATE - 29/10/22

For the first time in literary history, a member of the Stoker family is writing a comic script that officially continues the story of Dracula from the classic novel.

Cult Of The White Worm is the first mini series in the official continuation of the classic novel DRACULA by Bram Stoker, brought to you authentically by co-writers Dacre Stoker and Chris McAuley.

Contained in a 32-page comic book the story kicks off right at the end of the novel, and utilising Bram Stoker's own notes, the iconic count is brought back to life in an authentic and faithful, yet fresh and exciting new way. 

The first 21-pages are a full colour chapter of Cult Of The White Worm with stunning art by Chris Geary and Matt Soffe. We also reveal the mysterious 4th Bride and delve into the backstory of Dracula's man servant Renfield in two 5 page back up comic strips, one of which is co written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer Denise Ciencin with art by the Eagle award winning David Hitchcock.

US Format 32 pages, Full Colour

Writers/ Co Creators: Dacre Stoker & Chris McAuley

Additional Writer: Denice CiencIn

Artists: Chris Geary & David Hitchcock

Additional Art: Mike Collins, Si Chinook and Shane Oakley

Cover Art: Ben Stenbeck

Colour Art: Matt Soffe

Letters: Chris Geary

Design: Andy Bloor

Editor: Shane Chebsey


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