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Dead By Dawn

Dead By Dawn

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Over 20 top comic creators join forces to create 10 chilling short sharp shockers in the pages of this 48 page high quality horror anthology from SCAR Comics.

If you love The Walking Dead, long for the days of classic horror anthologies like Scream or you are looking for something fresh and original, then this book is for you.

Cutting edge indie voices combine with some of the most respected creators in the industry to produce 10 short horror stories that will leave you traumatised and entertained in equal measure.

Fan favourites such as Dan Abnett (2000ad, Guardians of The Galaxy) and David Hine (Bullet Proof Coffin, The Darkness, Spawn) have supplied stories and there are beautiful art contributions from the likes of Steve Pugh (Animal Man, Justice League), Patrick Goddard (Judge Dredd, Sniper Elite, Savage). and David Hitcthcock (2000ad, Madam Samurai, Spring Heeled Jack).

Each story is self contained and every artist has been given the freedom to really push themselves resulting in some of the best work of their careers.

Writers: Dan Abnett, David Hine, Dacre Stoker, Chris McAuley, Dave Bedford, Jimmy Broxton, Benjamin Dickson, John A. Short, Daniel Whiston, Michael Powell

Artists: Steve Pugh, Mark Stafford, David Hitchcock, Luke Cooper, Andrw Sawyers, Jimmy Broxton, Chris Askham, Patrick Goddard, Lyndon Webb, Andrew Richmond, Andy Bloor, Stephen Daly

Variant Cover: Charlie Adlard

Additional Colours: Matt Hollingsworth, Andrew Richmond

Art Direction and additional lettering:: Andrew Richmond

Editors: Shane Chebsey and Andrew Richmond 

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