A Brand New Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Comic Series

Comic writer Alan Holloway and Artist Ed Doyle were chatting about the much missed Starblazer comics. They were like Commando comics, as in 64 page, black & white, digest size single stories, but aimed at science fiction fans. As they have worked together on several projects (including the weekly "The Whole Twoth" strip) they decided that creating a similar comic would be fun, and out of that SENTINEL was born

Sentinel #10
Published by Sentinel Publishing


The city of Newtopia, Earth, the near future. Sure, we got flying cars, but Newtopia is not a good place to live. It's dark, damp and populated by low lifes in low places. There's also aliens. Yeah, those off planet weirdos stayed behind after their race gave the humans a technology boost. All the good ones left, but the ones who like to play with humans' lives stayed to offer us random "upgrades" for a lot of money. It certainly makes Newtopia more interesting, not knowing if the rando you're jacking might have a pyrokenesis habit he's just about to fry you with. Anyone with any sense would get out, and that's what Nick and Connie are trying to do. They have one rainy night to stay ahead of their pursuers and make the score of their lives, but when you run in Newtopia, there's always something happy to trip you up...

NEWTOPIA - A complete, 64 page Sci Fi Noir story.

Sentinel #11
Published by Sentinel Publishing

Now entering our third year as a top rated indie comic, Sentinel is very proud to present a rip roaring, rampant and rollicking sci-fi action tale:


Dark Matter are a five strong team of mercenaries, each with a unique psychic ability. After a successful job rescuing "Mr Fluffles", they've been hired by the Narata Corporation to jump into a war zone and liberate some important information.

Action packed with some amazing set pieces, Dark Matter is a fun ride from start to finish. The script is full of great dialogue, backed up by Ian Beadles never less than dynamic black and white art.

Sentinel #9
Published by Sentinel Publishing

The Sentinel 2021 Halloween Horror special of Sentinel, an 80 page monster called, simply, "77".

Illuminati: Royalist Bob Blainey is introduced to the theory that his beloved royal family might just be a bunch of shape changing lizards!

The Seven Penny Nightmare: Johnny Walker and Paddy Milton are tasked with creating an exciting new boys comic but it's rejected by their editor. Things, though, sometimes have a life of their own.

Monster Ink: Skinzy is a talented Newcastle graffiti artist who specializes in horrific monster designs. His choice of a haunted house to praise on might not be the best idea though.