A Brand New Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Comic Series

Comic writer Alan Holloway and Artist Ed Doyle were chatting about the much missed Starblazer comics. They were like Commando comics, as in 64 page, black & white, digest size single stories, but aimed at science fiction fans. As they have worked together on several projects (including the weekly "The Whole Twoth" strip) they decided that creating a similar comic would be fun, and out of that SENTINEL was born

Sentinel #4
Published by Sentinel Publishing

After three successful and critically lauded issues, it's time for SENTINEL to move into the horror genre (after all, we did put in on the masthead).

"Misty Moore" is a 64 page, black and white, digest size, square bound comic featuring a complete story.

It's 1982. Misty moves to a new town and is horribly bullied at her new school. At her wits end, she is confronted by Janet, the spirit of another bullied girl who committed suicide 30 year earlier. Janet offers Misty the chance to get revenge on the bullies, but how far will Misty go?

Inspired by UK girls comics of the 1970s and 80s, Misty Moore is dark, atmospheric and highly emotional. Rather than cheap scares, it delivers a compelling story, well rounded characters and art that will have you looking over your shoulder as you read it.

Written by Alan Holloway, the Interior art is from our new artist Ian Beadle, with the standard cover from SENTINEL Co-founder Ed Doyle. The limited cover art is from UK artist Neil Sims, who will be returning to SENTINEL in the future.

Order before 31st December 2098