Time Bomb Comics is a British comics company that only publishes one-shots, graphic novels and the ongoing Flintlock series. From historical horror to mind-bending science-fiction each release is a complete story by talented creators.

Based in Birmingham, England, Time Bomb Comics was created in September 2007 and is about one simple thing – good solid comic book entertainment.

From exciting newcomers to established professionals our artists and writers are united with a single aim – Telling Great Stories.

Brawler #2
Published by Time Bomb Comics

In 2019 Brawler #1 was published after a successful pre-order campaign was received enthusiastically by its readers.

Taking inspiration from the 80's Warrior anthology series, our first issue featured a mix of new and established characters from some truly talented writers and artists. With Brawler's sensational second issue #2 the plan is to do that once again!

Inside Brawler #2 you'll find a fine selection of strange tales and amazing stories from some first class comics creators, and a mixture of returning favourites from our first issue as well as some brand new characters for you to enjoy.

Dick Turpin And The Vengeful Shade #1
Published by Time Bomb Comics

56 pages, full colour, perfect bound.

A new adventure-horror one-shot classic from writer Steve Tanner (Flintlock, The Clockwork Cavalier, etc.), artist Roland Bird (FutureQuake100% Biodegradable, Bomb Scares) and colourist Brett Burbridge!

Infamous highwayman Dick Turpin gets more than he expected when robbery goes wrong leads to ghouls, ghosts and a haunted house.

This story is perfect for anyone who loves classic comics or excellent action!

Harker #1
Published by Time Bomb Comics

Ritual murders! Serial killers! Cheese and pickle! The cult British indie comics detective series returns!

Time Bomb is proud to present Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks’ Harker: The Book of Solomon Part OneIt’s the first, full colour, sixty-eight page perfect bound volume of a crime series that is a unique homage to classic tv detective shows, filled with humour, wit, adventure and devil worshippers. Oh, and pubs. Pubs with beer! Hurrah!

68 pages, perfect bound, full colour

By Roger Gibson & Vincent Danks, with Ben Lopez 

Rotten Under The Snow #1
Published by Time Bomb Comics

Leningrad is frozen, under siege, and haunted...

A city turned battlefield becomes stranger.

Bizarrely mutilated bodies are found in the muddy snow of Leningrad. To solve the mystery and stop an oncoming horror, a traumatised Soviet pilot with a terrible connection to what’s happening must cross enemy land- and fight what is rotting inside herself...

Rotten Under The Snow is a a historical sci-fi thriller with a dose of horror, and a good dose of pulp adventure thrown in. It follows female Russian fighter pilot Dajana, a former Night Witch, as she fights Nazi off-world technology and regains her humanity along the way. It’s that combination of action and personality that makes this story unique and perfect for all adult and young-adult audiences, and the sort of traditional genre mash-up that Time Bomb Comics has become known for.

The presentation of the book will be oversized at A4 - that's closer in format to British comic annuals of the past rather than the size of traditional graphic novel that you might be familiar with.

Pre-order - Due April 20th

Spectrum - The Worlds of Gerry Anderson #1
Published by Time Bomb Comics

Time Bomb Comics, in partnership with Anderson Entertainment, has worked closely over the past several months to create Spectrum - a unique anthology comic presenting new and original stories for fans of New Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct and Terrahawks

New Captain Scarlet was a reboot of the original 1960s show broadcast in the 1990s. Using CGI as an evolution of the original Supermarionation puppetry, the show followed the titular Captain Scarlet in his battle against the invading Mysteron aliens.

The Spectrum creative team on New Captain Scarlet is Steve Tanner (writer), Pete Woods (artist) and James Gray (letters).

Terrahawks used an altered version of the Supermacromation style, refined with 1980s technology and incorporating latex hand-puppets. The series sees a ragtag group of humans defend Earth after the destruction of NASA. The Spectrum creative team on Terrahawks is Dan Whitehead (writer), Ste Pickford (artist) and James Grey (lettering).

Finally, the 1990s Space Precinct was a live action series that incorporated puppetry in creating realistic and sophisticated alien characters. A police procedural set in space, it was known for its groundbreaking special effects. The Spectrum creative team on Space Precinct is Richmond A Clements (writer) and James Gray (art and lettering).

The Spectrum cover features spectacular artwork from Steve Pugh, known for his work at DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and 2000AD