We’ve been comic collectors for years, and have been building this system over the last couple of years, with the assistance of some loyal standing order subscription customers who have tried out our crazy ideas whilst we’ve developed and built on the standard concepts of the way to subscribe to standard monthly comics.

Whether you are an avid follower of a couple of titles, or 50… if you love variant covers, or hate them… if you ever wondered how the hell you’re supposed to get all the parts in a crossover story when you only pick up one title from it… this site is for you.

The comic industry is whacky. It’s difficult to cater accurately for customers – a shop has to put it’s order in with a (the ONE) supplier TWO months in advance, and the quantity of copies to be printed are built from that information… if you don’t get your order in quickly, and you’re picking up “off the shelves” – be it a part of a crossover story you didn’t realise one of your standard subs was part of, or something you hear is hot, after the fact – then you struggle to find those books, usually at inflated prices.

We’re here to help you with that – when we get the details in of the comics due out in two months, they’re loaded into our system, and we do a lot of work on that data to help you – we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to browse around… it’s as close to looking around the shelves in the (sadly dwindling) physical comic shops (and if you are lucky enough to have a local, you should support them!) – you’ll be able to browse around by section (we have comics, graphic novels, magazines all available for pre-ordering, and the range is constantly growing) – by publisher, and searching if you know what you’re after.

Comics are where our strength is, and we provide you everything we can (subject to publisher changes) about each issue – the creative team, and overview of the issue, if it’s an adult title, a mini series or one shot, or part of a crossover.

Using our system will give you all the information to find stuff you’ll interested in before it’s flown off the shelves, stop you missing those parts of crossovers, and get alerts whenever your favourite creators release a new comic!

We pride ourselves in the information we give, the approachability of our team (we have an online chat facility, email and Facebook) and love to talk to you. Our packaging is exemplary, and goods should reach you in tip top condition – all comics are bagged and boarded at no additional charge, and pre-order shipping is free.

Dashboard link
Q. What is the dashboard?
A. A small news section, alerts of recommended titles you might like, and books by your favourite creators, and the issues out this and next week, from your order history.
Subscriptions link
Q. What are subscriptions?
A. Subscriptions are the core our service – It allows you to "Subscribe" to your favourite titles and have them sent to your door without have to track down each issue yourself! You can either subscribe to a title or to crossovers
Q. How do I subscribe?
A. You can you can either go to your subscriptions page and enter the titles you want to get each month or as you’re browsing around Pre Orders and something takes your fancy pop it into your list using the subscribe button.
Q. What subscription options are available?
A. I'm glad you asked! When it comes to subscriptions, by default you’ll get the standard cover – but you can choose to receive the variant if there is one (first available if there’s more than one) or all available covers (you can set a default preference in your account settings), if you change the cover settings from within your subcription page, this will override your main account setting
Q. But I want multiple copies?
A. We've got you covered - head over to your Subscriptions page, expand the title you have subscribed to use and the quantity buttons to get more (or less)
Q. I've subscribed, what now?
A. Each month, when we add new releases, our system will automatically grab any available issues that month, and put them in your basket, according to your preferences – this includes getting the right covers (apart from where publishers go a little crazy!) and all the parts of crossovers if you’ve asked for that!
Q. Can I unsubscribe?
A. Yes, well no, you can deactive a subscription, but we don't like you too :-( head on over to your Subscriptions and find the title you want to unsubscribe from, in the bottom right is a orange button click that ... or not :)
Q. Can I resubscribe?
A. Of course head over to Subscriptions and at the bottom of the page will be your inactive subscription, click the re-subscribe button!
Q. Why can't I resubscribe to a title?
A. Titles will become inactive if the series finishes, but you’ll still see them, as they often will get a new run, and this will save you missing them in the future!
Pre Orders link
Q. What are Pre Orders?
A. At the beginning of each month, when we add new releases this is where they will be – Comics, Graphic Novels, Magazines, and soon other categories
Q. When do you show new release?
A. We aim to get all new releases listed at the beginning of each month, as early as possible
Q. What can I do here?
A. All items have as much information against them as we can cram in – creative teams for Comics, prices, and importantly – release dates. Browse around, add items to your basket or subscribe to Comics
Q. What does this icon mean shuffle
A. It means the release is part of a crossover click it to view the crossover details
Q. Can I see the creators?
A. Yep, click the release image, it will bring up a details window with more information, you'll see the list of creators and their role. If you see someone you like, click this icon (person_add) to follow them, then from your Dashboard or at the top of the Pre Orders you'll see everything they released this month
Previous Releases link
Q. What are Previous Releases?
A. Previous Releases is there to save you, if you missed a ... you got it, Previous Release
Q. How does it work?
A. It's really easy, you just search in the box at the top of the page for the title you are interested in. You'll be able to see all the issues that have been listed for release in the 6 months prior to the open pre order listings, we’ll check against actual stock we can order in from the supplier. We suggest that you pay for any items you add to your basket from this section as soon as possible – although we check, it is possible that stock may be limited and the sooner you place the order with us, the sooner it can be ordered in from the supplier and guaranteed for you.
Basket link
Q. What is my Basket?
A. Here you will find your automatically grabbed issues from the current month, and anything you add manually.
Q. How do I add items to my Basket?
A. Throughout the site you will see our basket button click it to get an item in your basket
Q. I only want to pay for some item now, how?
A. No problem, if you're only interested in paying for some items now, you can Save For Later just look for this icon update
Order History link
Q. What's this Order History all about?
A. There isn't much to it really, you can see all your previous invoices, with details of all items, release dates and shipping dates, so you know we’ve got them out to you.
Q. What is Account Settings?
A. Manage your contact details so we know where to send your stash (You won't be able to purchase anything until completed). Change password if needed & change your username once
Q. What is Subscription Preferences?
A. It's your default subscription preference – all subscriptions have a preference of cover type, but if you prefer all covers all the time, you can set that here then any subsequent Subscriptions will default to that. Check out "What subscription options are available?" in the Subcription FAQ for more info
Q. I can follow creators? Isn't that a bit creepy?
A. Err, yes it is, but it's not that kind of following. You can let us know which creators you like... artists and writers (and indeed letterers and colourists if you so desire) – add and remove themhere, and any new stuff by them will be flagged up for you on your Dashboard and top of Pre Orders
Shipping, Charges & Changes link
Q. When will I get my stuff?
A. We will ship at the end of each month for pre orders, with the full order for that invoiced pre-order. At our discretion we may send a mid month delivery if your monthly subscription is large. You can also contact us about increased shipping at a small cost, and this will be available as an option on the site soon.
Q. How much will it cost?
A. Shipping is free for pre orders if sent once a month, other stock items will be marked where relevant for shipping cost. Bags and boards are included.
Q. What else should I know?
A. Whilst we have spent a long time getting all our site features right and as useful as possible, we are beholden to the data we receive and publishers CAN change things – cover art is not final, prices may change (though rarely), and release dates can slip. We will inform you wherever possible, as soon as we’re notified of these changes. Orders placed on your behalf for pre-orders are committed to and cannot be altered.
Anything else link
Q. I need help, what can I do?
A. We absolutley love to help our customers so please get in touch anytime, you can use our live chat which can be found bottom right of the website