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Tony Hancock – The Lad Himself #HB
Published by B7 Comics

Tony Hancock – The Lad Himself

by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page

288 Pages - Out November 2022?

Publisher: B7 Media 

Foreword by author and Private Eye journalist, Louis Barfe.

Tony Hancock – The Lad Himself tells the story of the legendary comedian in words, pictures, and not without a few interruptions from The Lad Himself, who proves to be a little infuriated at how his story is told… as those who know and love his work would fully expect!

Tony Hancock somehow seems a natural subject for a comic – and, of course, he’s been in them before. At the height of his television fame, he appeared in Britain’s top-selling weekly, Film Fun. Since his death, he’s been the subject of biographies, radio dramas, and even a couple of television films. With the advent of satellite TV and DVD, he seems to be everywhere.

This funny, powerful and poignant graphic novel charts the life of the often troubled comedian with searing honesty but great affection – with Hancock contributing acerbic commentary in the telling. It’s a unique approach to recounting Hancock’s life story – as you would expect when dealing with such an extraordinary talent, whose enduring appeal is testament to his comedy genius.